Obsessions + Confessions

| Life

20160219OCObsession: After spending this week dealing with our annual post-Valentine’s-Day love hangovers, we are obsessed with these “Abandoned Love” art installations (which basically covers our inner monologues after any breakup-majeur). Festooning a building with “You left and now I’m homesick”? Way better than a tipsy late-night text to the same effect.

Confession: There might be nothing we love more than movie theater popcorn. We agreed to soldier through “The Hateful Eight” just so we could get our mitts on a bag (we wanted to see Zoolander 2 instead, obviously). So, after reading that it promises DIY movie theater popcorn beyond our wildest dreams, we must confess to immediately ordering a box of this mysterious “flavacol” powder, even though the ingredients are less than, um, natural.

Have a delicious weekend, darlings.