Mike Aidala: Going with the (Valentine’s) flow

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20160211_DUDE_BLOG_HEADER_3“Flow happens when you are totally in the zone. Minutes turn into hours of energized focus, complete connection and pleasure in the present moment,” offers Mike Aidala of CrossFit Solace. Wait, Mike, what are we walking about here? It might be that we’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow (it IS Valentine’s after all) or are just generally in the mood for love, but that sounds pretty romantic? No?

When first we spotted Mike, one of Solace’s hottest top trainers, he was holding a woman, balancing on her hands, high above his head, which was already well above six feet off the ground. It was hard not to stare intently at this display of strength and skill…and…grace, really. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a deep down desire to try that somewhat terrifying inversion; if only for the sake of, ahem, journalism. Unfortunately we live in a world dominated by deadlines and training sessions, and attempting an aerial handstand pas de deux would have to wait. Back to Mike and his take on what makes a truly memorable Valentine’s Day. Hint: Be open to taking a turn for the spontaneous (and may it please involve an aerial twist).

20160211_DUDE_BLOG_POST_3Valentine’s Day: love it or leave it?
Leave it. Why do I need a special day to be a romantic?

What’s the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had? What made it so spectacular?
The Best Valentine’s Day I ever had was a romantic weekend in Vermont. We had planned to go out for a horse and carriage ride but we were having too much fun sledding on a hill in the backyard. We kept up the sledding, added some snow balls and built a fort! We then took it inside for cuddling session by the fire pit all night.

Pack a bag. Hop a plane/train/motorcycle/rickshaw. Where are we going?
Costa Rica. Sun, surfing, jungle adventures and relaxation!
Minimal packing needed. Swim suits and flip flops.

Robert Redford famously said “Humor. Skill. Wit. Sex appeal. That order” when describing his ideal woman. What’s yours?
Tenacity. Confidence. Sex Appeal. Humor

Where does the perfect night take you?
Takes me to the airport for a spontaneous trip.

Um. Boxers or briefs?

Birthday suit.

–Allison Beale
Photography by SGCNY