How the Sexiest Trainer Alive does Valentine’s

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20160211_DUDE_BLOG_HEADER_2OK fine, it’s not only about the abs, but it’s kiiiiinda all about the abs. Ten minutes spent with Angelo Grinceri (and his abs), and we’re re-inspired to Angelo, a self-professed “movement specialist” (swoon) and author spends a good chunk of his days at ModelFIT, and he (along with his abs) was just named Sexiest Trainer Alive by the all-knowing People Magazine. Sure, cruising up to ModelFIT (after deciding to SKIP the barre that morning) was a tad intimidating but Angelo (and his abs…and his affable smile) was super warm, funny and incredibly passionate about his craft, as well as about Valentine’s Day. A guy who talks openly about timing and trusting the universe?  We’ll take him….and, of course, his abs.

20160211_DUDE_BLOG_POST_2Valentine’s Day: love it or leave it?
Love it. It’s a great way to really make someone that you care about feel special. Even if you think it’s a lame Hallmark holiday, your partner may not. Do you really want the person you care about feeling left out when the topic comes up in conversation with her coworkers and friends?

What’s the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had? 
I was in 4th grade. I remember being so nervous about whether my Valentine’s Day crush was going to put a cute card and chocolates in my Valentine’s Day bag, which was attached to my desk. I looked in the bag after lunch and bam! I was surprised that I was the crush of three girls! Needless to say I got so excited and stuffed my face with chocolate for the rest of the day.

What movie best describes your romantic style?
“Serendipity.” Falling head over heels and clicking when first meeting someone, then something bizarre happens to make it feel like it’s not the right time. But you then have to trust the universe to run its course and bring it back at the perfect time to make it last.
What’s your go-to makeout jam?
So cliche, but Ed Sheehan, “Thinking out loud.”

Pack a bag. Hop a plane/train/motorcycle/rickshaw. Where are we going?
One of the most romantic places I’ve ever been is Venice. The only downfall is that I didn’t have a romantic experience there, I was with my bro. It would be a completely different experience to return with my lover. Fine wine, live music, moonlight strolls through the little alleyways and over little bridges.

Robert Redford famously said “Humor. Skill. Wit. Sex appeal. That order” when describing his ideal woman. What’s yours?
Classy and sassy
Full of love yet full of dignity
Playful yet professional

Where does the perfect night take you?
It depends, I love nights that consist of dinner, art, drinks, conversation, and walking along the water and looking at the moon. But I also love nights that consist of getting a little wild and dancing, and keep me out way past my bedtime.

Um. Boxers or briefs?
Briefs, I’m always on the go—gotta be secured and prepared.

–Allison Beale
Photography by SGCNY.