Travel Lovely: London

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LONDON_4We believe that if Paris is that hot, always-ready-to-revisit, half-moody/half-romantic lover that picks up right where we left off in a swoon of passion, and New York is our long-time steady, then London is that really amazing love that has the potential to be something more (Journelle London, anyone?). And that’s why, whenever we’re crossing the sea (and sky) to get back to our lover, we usually make a pitstop to spend time with that special friend. With benefits. So before the lace and l’amour and vin and covetable French-girl style, we’re going to spend two days in Londontown and plan to fully understand what Samuel Johnson meant when he said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

Visiting soon? Our can’t-miss favorite spots are listed below.

Borough Market. Our traditional first stop once we’ve cleared customs, sorted our luggage and gotten reacquainted with which way to look before crossing. Go for all of the eats. Every last one of them. We Journelles head straight for Richard Haward’s Oyster Stall. The order: Seven native and wild with a glass of sparkling. Next up: Turkish delight, truffle sampling and an assorted cheese tasting. Then, a pint.

The Book Club. Come here for the pot of tea and classic full English breakfast, stay for the killer playlist and swoon-worthy art (neon line drawings of all your favorite rockstars). There’s also nightly live music, a radio broadcast (sometimes from NYC) and enough book discussions to keep you feeling culturally sated for quite some time.

The Princess of Shoreditch. Hands down the best fancy fish & chips you’ll have set to a soundtrack of Led Zeppelin. (Also conveniently located around the corner from our flat.)

Nightjar. You’d swear Cole Porter was at the piano in this subterranean, old-school cocktail lounge. Clinking glasses, raucous laughter, cavernous nooks and top-notch cocktails (we went for The Brooklyn + Soul Kiss) make us want to revisit Nightjar now.

Fortnum & Mason. The Queen’s official grocer. Enough said. You will never—and I mean never—see more beautiful food and tin packaging anywhere (check our Insta to confirm). And coffee drinkers, prepare to be transformed into tea lovers amidst all of the classic flavors and beautiful settings. Life goal: Own a hamper from F&M.

Dishoom. Inspired by the stately Bombay cafes of the past, this is far from your average Brick Lane Indian. Classic fare given loving modern updates set to a soundtrack that’s inspired by the swinging 60’s in London and authentic Bollywood tunes…AND available on vinyl for your listening pleasure back across the heart. Jai ho!