ON REPEAT: Lani Love Playlist

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20160106_Brittany_BanionPhoto by Carolina Mariana

Chicago DJ Lani Love just spun on a train. A moving train. When the Cali-born-Chicago-dweller isn’t spinning for brands and fans and living a bicoastal lifestyle, there’s nothing she enjoys more than a gathering with girlfriends. (A girl after our own heart.) Lani kicked off 2016 with an intimate gathering of her nearest and dearest besties at our Chicago Journelle. A feminine mix of indie, pop and future R&B; this is the soundtrack of their evening. Perfect for catching up + staying in or getting ready + going out. Listen + [Lani] love.

Insta: @djlanilove

Home is: Chicago! But California too because it’s where I grew up and my family is still there.

Years behind the decks? 8 years of club DJing and years of record collecting before that.

Favorite gig? That’s a tough question because last year was action packed. I actually just wrote a blog post about it. If I had to pick, I would say it’s a tie between DJ’ing on the CTA train for Uniqlo or playing a sold out show at Lincoln Hall. With the Uniqlo gig, DJing on a moving train was a really unique experience, and it’s something I doubt I’ll ever get to do again. With Lincoln Hall, it was a treat because it was a concert setting and a welcome change of pace from clubs and bars.