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2016129OC Obsession: As January draws to a close and we grow thoughtful, we must say, we are obsessed with Food52’s list of 57 small things to do for yourself this year. It’s full of just the kind slow-down-take-time-for-yourself-and-honor-the-beauty-in-the-small-gesture-and-the-wonder-of-sustenance sort of instructions we can get behind. Who doesn’t need a little reminder that treating yourself well doesn’t have to happen on a massive scale? And come on, #33 Make yourself more cheese plates? Don’t mind if we do.

Confession: We are, well, indeed oddly very satisfied with this Reddit crowd-sourced collection of oddly satisfying things. Danger: prepare to lose at least 20 minutes down this rabbit hole. Worth it.

Have a very satisfying weekend, darlings.


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