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2016119ParisBlogIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. And, no, we don’t mean Christmas or New-York-in-the-springtime or even the heart-flush leading up to Valentine’s Day (which, btw, we are also thoroughly enjoying, exhibit A). We mean the time of year when we get to decamp from freezing Manhattan and head to Paris for the lingerie shows. Mais oui! Though we swear our trip is mostly all business, when you’re in the business of #everydaylovely underpinnings, even the most businessy business is all about pleasure. Especially when you’re in Paris, the city that practically invented life, love, and lingerie. We’ll be keeping you updated on our fabulous adventures in the City of Light and, bien sûr, all of the lacy lovelies, new designers, and places for mid-day macarons + rosé bubbly we discover. Aaaaaand, we’re off!

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