Coffee with…JAMI

| Everything Else

Dear Journelles, allow us to introduce you to our intrepid Senior Graphic Designer, Jami. She keeps our website looking beautiful, our windows looking chic, and has upped our ring game tremendously (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?).  Our chat over coffee (one iced and one hot) is below.

Your order: Iced almond milk latte. I can’t stand hot drinks.

Your spot: 7 grams in Chelsea, R+R Coffee in FiDi or La Colombe in Soho.

Current lingerie obsession: I am currently coveting all things by Else Lingerie. They have really been on their A game lately.

In your bag: A good lip gloss, Excedrin, and my all black ray ban aviators.

What’s a day in the life of a graphic designer? My day consists of an exorbitant amount of emails, more designs than your brain can fathom, and probably what is considered way too much caffeine.

Describe your personal style: I would say my style is very minimalistic, textural and neutral. I gave up wearing colors and crazy patterns a few years ago. I now only stick to white, black, tan and grey. Because of this, I tend to pay more attention to the actual texture and structure of pieces.

Share your ideal Valentine’s Day date: Cooking at home, for sure. Nothing is sexier than a man that knows how to cook.

Where are you off to next? I am off to Winter Park, Colorado for a ski trip with a group of friends. Currently, watching “how-to-ski” youtube videos to refresh my skills.

If you could have coffee with one person (living or not), who would it be? Alive, Johnny Ive. I’ve actually met him before, but would love to pick his brain. He is truly my design icon.  Dead, my Uncle Craig who passed when I was a kid. He was an artist as well and the most eccentric person I have ever met. I would love to hear more about his artistic and free spirited escapades.

Do you want to get another coffee to go? Always.

Thanks, Jami! Cheers to life, lingerie, great design, and, of course, cold brew.