Obsessions + Confessions

| Life


Obsession: Ever since she told us what she had for breakfast yesterday, we’ve been obsessed with our just-married-friend’s idea for starting a new interfaith holiday tradition: Christmas Morning Latke Eggs Benedict. Eat your heart out Charlotte York-Goldenblatt. Since we’re going to spend the rest of our boxing day in our PJ’s anyway, we might as well justify that ennui with hollandaise.

Confession: We can’t stop thinking about baby names. Specifically, this list of the least popular names from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. Our faves: Dove, Lovey, and Parthenia for girls, Commodore, Murl, and Reno for boys. Kidding/not kidding? Only time will tell.

We hope you had a lovely holiday, darlings, and have an even lovelier weekend queued up.


ps. If you’re looking for something else to occupy your time/you have a check from Grandma burning a hole in your silk PJ pocket, a little something called our Semi-Annual Sale is starting….. NOW.