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20151217_FLAT_LAY_BLOG_2PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL MENFOLK: Sure, Mariah will tell you that all we want for Christmas is you (baby), and that’s all very well and good…but anyone with half a grip on reality knows that while it is most certainly the thought that counts when gifting, fabulousness counts a lot too. Our favorite gifts? The ones that show us you’ve been thinking about us when we’re not together, that you’ve been having daydreams/nightdreams/holiday dreams about our bodies, that you want to celebrate them (and us) for hours on end or the whole afternoon or an entire lifetime, and that you also want us to celebrate ourselves. Rich, luxe, tactile, dangerous, luscious, fabulous…Tall order? Not so much. Anything here will do (and bonus: we think you’ll like them too).