Countdown to fabulous

| Lingerie

unnamed-1What are your plans for tomorrow night, darlings? We’re always torn about New Years Eve. A holiday centered around fresh starts, glittery dresses, champagne, and kissing? Sounds like the best possible day ever, right? Maybe that’s why there’s so much tension and ambivalence about New Years Eve… it’s a constant battle of expectation vs. reality. How many New Years Eves past have we spent stuck in a cab trying to get somewhere else because the fabulously glamorous party we thought was going to be a romance of “When Harry Met Sally” proportions but failed even to be a decent dance party? The answer: too many. There are some things beyond our control (see: bad lighting, traffic, lack of hors d’oeurves/passed champagne/suitable midnight kiss partners etc.), so this New Years we’re going to celebrate the things we can control. And that, of course darlings, starts with the underpinnings. Whatever your night may bring, we suggest starting it off with some sexy tunes, a glass of bubbly (to toast to yourself of course), and any of these fabulous-making stunners. In 10…9…8…