We heart Chicago

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If New York is our first love, the handsome ne’er-do-well that occasionally breaks our hearts, then Chicago (where we are opening the lovely doors of a brand spanking new Journelle location this very week) is that super-hot musician we met over cocktails who also happens to be a lawyer who by day does pro-bono work saving puppies and owns a sick house in a cool part of town but miiiight have a terrible tattoo. In short: we’re super in love with Chicago right now (tribal straight from the 90’s be damned). Our top five favorite things about our newly adopted city? Read on!20151119_BlogPost_HeartChicago_120151119_BlogPost_HeartChicago_2

The Parks: We’ve always loved whiling away long afternoons under the leafy shade of an urban oasis, and no city does parklife like Chicago. From the endless string of lake-front loveliness to the eponymous cool-kid-neighborhood epicenters of Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, and Garfield Park we can’t wait to bring our picnic game strong.

Ork Posters: Maker of awesome typographic neighborhood maps, we’ve had Ork’s gorgeous Brooklyn map hanging as a reference guide in our kitchen ever since our first artist friend told us back in 2009 that they were moving to Ditmas Park (uuuh, where?). When we realized that the design collective is based in Chicago¬†and got their start from their iconic map of the Windy City, we got a huge one for our offices so we could orient ourselves and plan neighborhood expeditions.

The Beer:¬†We love a town that doesn’t take itself too seriously… but still treats its beer with a level of respect bordering on reverence. In other words this bar probably doesn’t have a dress code, but it does have a beer code. Namely: you’re ordering Half Acre, Metropolitan, Revolution, and Goose Island, thankyouvery much. We’ll cheers to that (and yes, we’ll take the 20 oz. pour).

Brunch: Though New York is definitely a town that brunches (uh, duh), getting together for our favorite meal in our hometown can be a bit of a hassle, honestly. If we hear “we can’t seat you until your whole party arrives” one more time before we’ve had any coffee, we might try and hurt someone. Chicago gets it, though. “Step right this way and have a mimosa, darling, we’ll bring the rest of your tardy party to the table as soon as they arrive.” Sigh. We’re in love. Just around the corner from our new store there are tons of amazing brunch places, but Trenchermen’s kimchee pimento cheese grits have us in the realest swoon.

The Women: We’ve met lots of lovely ladies in our lingerie lifetimes, but it’s been a long while since we’ve met a collection of unexpectedly badass babes as we have in the course of opening our new store (and rolling into town in our airstream). From telling us what you want to see on the shelves to taking us out for cocktails, from opening the doors of the businesses you built to letting us come meet your bffs, we have to say we are honored and privileged to be opening our doors in a place filled with such powerful self-realized women. Our kind of ladies, our kind of place, and, well, our kind of town it seems.