Playlist: Dancing in the Kitchen

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kitchendancingThough there are many, many things we love about the Thanksgiving holidays (madatory chill time with family and friends we never get to see, a majorly excellent excuse to execute and demolish a fancy cheese plate, uh, pie) perhaps our favorite thing of all is the time in the kitchen. We don’t know about you, but some of our best Thanksgiving memories have been with our moms/sisters/best friends/lovers in the kitchen with a glass of wine and a thousand recipes getting flour and brown sugar and brussels sprout leaves everywhere and dancing around while doing it. That’s right. Dancing. In the kitchen. And though your Aunt Paige is pretty hip, now’s not the time to see if she, too, loves “Hotline Bling”, kitchen dancing is all about the classics. Break out the aprons and the canned pumpkin and get ready to boogie. Here’s your soundtrack for the perfect Thanksgiving Eve.

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