#hearted: Eastman Egg Company

| Love


Chicagoans who take the ol’ “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” adage seriously should make a beeline to Eastman Egg Company. The pop-in-breakfast shop who began life as—and still operates—a food truck (we New Yorkers prefer to receive our egg-on-a-roll through a window with wheels, but to each his own) is revolutionizing the first meal of the day in a big way. It’s not just about the satiating, portable staple (though their sammies are certainly fit the bill) but the quality of (local) ingredients inside. Our go-to is the The Captain, but The Scoundrel is so much fun to order, n’est-ce pas? And if you’re in it for the coffee alone (which who isn’t sometimes?) you won’t be disappointed with their in-house blend, a collab with fellow hip-Chicago-foodie-startup Sparrow Coffee Roastery. Follow @eastmanegg for your fix.