Behind Closed Drawers: Sriya of Catbird

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What is it about delicate talismans that make us feel like we can rule the world? (like, we know they bring us power/luck/love, but somehow world domination also seems within reach when properly adorned). Our favorite place to hunt for said talisman—or any jewelry, for that matter—is Catbird, a shop that is somehow simultaneously tiny and expansive and carries the most magical objets we’ve ever cast our eyes upon. As subscribers to the whimsical, the delicate and the lovely, we felt a cosmic connection with Sryia, Catbird’s resident PR maven, almost instantly (turns out we’re not the only cashmere socks junkies around). Read on to learn what makes her heart race and what’s in her lingerie drawer.



Name: Sriya Karumanchi

Day job: Public Relations at Catbird

Favorite stone: Deep emeralds, especially in antique Indian jewelry.

Most prized possession: My grandpa used to leave little hello notes all over the house for me when I was younger and he lived with us. I still have a few.

Simple indulgence: An overnight hair mask. It’s kind of a pain but I still view it as indulgent.

Necessary extravagance: Cashmere socks.

On my bedside table: Lip balm, water carafe, and a book – currently “Purity,” which I’m reading at my all-time slowest.

What makes your heart race: When all my friends are at the same dinner table.

Favorite dive: As close to my apartment as you can possibly get, a place called Perdition. No fuss, just the neighborhood hang.

What’s your lingerie drawer stocked with: An assortment of cotton briefs and a few lacy pieces, 90% black.

Bralettes or wired bras: So many pretty bralettes in the world but I choose wired out of necessity.

On your to-do list this Fall: As many trips Upstate as I can fit in. There’s so much to see, so many Hudson Valley dishes to eat!

One food you could eat forever: Goat cheese on toast, with a little peppercorn and olive oil.

How’d you find your life’s calling? I started interning in PR in college and stuck with it after graduation without quite being sure where it would take me. After laying the groundwork for my career at an agency, I had the opportunity to work with brands I personally found exciting. This was when I really understood the impact that this type of storytelling could have, and it was also when I started to really feel fulfilled by what I was doing. And with Catbird specifically, I get to work with women who are creative and kind, and who have a really special intuition about what fine jewelry can be. It makes coming to work not feel so much like work.

I can’t leave my apartment until I… have checked that my iron is unplugged at least five times. I’ve walked all the way back up my fourth floor walk-up on several occasions because of this irrational fear I have.