On repeat: Ryan Adams

| Love

RyanAdams_BlogPostAdmittedly it doesn’t take much (for some of us Journelles it takes almost nothing at all—ahem, we’re looking at you Allison B.) to fall (even more) in love with Ryan Adams given his country roots, his shaggy, sentimental good looks, and his penchant for singing romantic songs about love, New York City, and love in New York City. And as women who firmly believe it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, you know we love a good heartbreak song (we’re looking at you “Come Pick Me Up“). When we’re not mainlining get-ready-to-go-out-dance-pop or marinating in throwback soul melancholies, Mr. Adams is a regular on our Journelle playlists. Cut to our nightly bedtime scroll through Instagram when we stumble upon the news that he’s releasing a cover of Swifty’s “1989” and we thought…could this be the best thing ever? Well, haters gonna hate, but (and you probably saw this coming a mile away) we love it. We’re partial—of course—to “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood,” but damn when he sings “Welcome to New York” (…it’s been waiting for you) we really believe it. And just like that we’re transported back to that day when we first made NYC our home….Just like Taylor, and just like Ryan. On Repeat: Ryan Adams’ “1989.” x