Obsessions + Confessions

| Life


Obsession: Hey! Did you know the internet has a lot of cute animal gifs?! Obsessed with these. Warning: there goes your afternoon (again).

Confession: Though we wish the world were champagne, bon-bons, and lingerie all the time, let us get serious for a moment. We’ve been so moved by the stories of the Syrian refugee crisis (it’s been all over every news outlet, but we found Humans of New York’s feed to perhaps be the most heart-rending tipping point) that we simply had to requisition a few dollars from our lingerie budgets to help. Kickstarter is making it super easy to donate to the UN Refugee Agency, if you’d like. We’ll be back to full-tilt champagne, bon-bons and lingerie next week, we promise.

Have a hopeful weekend, darlings.