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When it comes to comfort food, we put ramen up there with mashed potatoes and gravy but riiiiight below mom’s home cooking (and for everyone whose mom’s home cooking is ramen, well, we’re super jealous). We can’t figure out what makes the experience so magical. Is it the salty broth? Is it the fun of slurping up hand-pulled noodles? Is it the weird and wonderful dance of spoon, fork, and chopsticks? All we know is that when we need something soul satisfying and delicious, you can probably find us at Jin Ramen. With Jin meaning “benevolence,” it seems fitting for us to find the menu of fried chicken, steamed pork buns, and bowls of warm ramen soothing, and lucky for us, there are two Jin joints (one in the UWS and one in Harlem).

Their dishes are genuine labors of love: noodles made from scratch and broths cooked up to eight hours a day, and the small setting feels cosy and welcoming. And, seriously, no judgement when we had to forgo the chopsticks for a fork that one time. So if you are ever in need of a pick-me-up, polishing off the final season of Downton Abbey, or just still reeling from hearing about canned-pumpkin-shortage, there’s nothing a bowl of ramen can’t fix.

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