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GrandCentralBlogAs non-native New Yorkers, this time of year is always a magical time in the city for us. No matter what season you first came to fair Manhattan, your first fall stays with you, a time of cozy majesty when all of the buildings are burnished in evening twilight and the sidewalks are paved in the shadows of leaves and you walk, bundled up against the not-cold-but-perfectly-chilly evenings like you’re on the cover of a Dylan record, heading towards somewhere magically old-school and classically New York. Brooklyn, we love you, but in the fall, we head to the Grand Central Oyster Bar. Practically unchanged for 100 years, you can just picture the generations of travelers, bon vivants, and gorgeous native daughters that perched on the leatherette stools before you, slurping oysters and perfect Manhattans as the sun sets on the city.

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  • Sigh. I envy the person who gets to write these. Lovely. And I adore falling into the category of “gorgeous native daughters” who perch on leatherette stools “slurping oysters and perfect Manhattans” because I did EXACTLY this just the other day when the weather was cool enough to wrap myself in an oversized scarf without perspiration forming on my brow. Do read “Nostalgia” by Richard Shelton. It’s a short piece. This brought it to mind.

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