#HEARTED: Bar Sardine

| Everything Else, Love


Let’s say you’ve successfully made it through the five stages of grief over the passing of rosé season and are hankering for slightly cooler days….and maybe a cocktail without an umbrella in it. Bar Sardine is our go-to [gin] joint. Summer may be fading, but this airy, open-on-two-sides shotgun space is perfect for whiling away the last of the Indian summer afternoons (and certainly a prime spot for welcoming the autumn’s first chill). If you’re not feeling a G&T, there is a single rosé on the menu for those of you who refuse to give up the ghost. And there.are.oysters. Perfect timing as we’re starting to fully embrace months with an ‘r,’ also known as oysterrrrr season. And we’ll be merrily celebrating its return gracefully perched atop a stool at Bar Sardine. See you there.

Photo courtesy of Bar Sardine NYC.