From Claire: Journelle Collection

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Our CEO. Our Collection. Our Rules.
In honor of the launch of our in-house collection (We are so. freakin. excited.), we sat down with our CEO + Founder (and the original lingerie addict who got us all hooked), Claire, to get her take on the line, take a peek at what inspired her, and chat all things #everydaylovely.

What’s #everydaylovely, you ask? Well, as Claire says, everyday lovely is “The pieces that make a woman stand up taller, feel beautiful from the inside out, reach for a certain set day after day.”  Sounds like just our kind of magic.




Shop Gia in noir.FromClaire_BlogPost_4b

Shop Victoire in smoky quartz.

The perfect palette — The chosen color palette is lovely and understated – lots of neutral beiges and pinks, some vibrant pops of color and of course black…


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