Summer FRI-YAY Tunes

| Love

Playlist_BlogPostAs we’re scrambling to enjoy those last traces of summer, we’re finding ourselves with our feet planted (pretty firmly) in conflicting camps: one stubbornly rooted in our Birks and shorts; the other itching to pull on fall boots and tights. We can’t help but look sliiiiightly forward to the end of summer, if only because our favorites stores are beginning to stock new fall essentials perfect for achieving that off-duty layered look AND our favorite lingerie designers are beginning to send us an endless stream of parcels full of insanely gorgeous AW15 lingerie (see: this robe, this bralette, and this PJ). And, truth be told, we can’t wait to be reunited-and-it-feels-so-good with our friends who’ve been romping across Europe or road tripping through the U.S. and hearing their tales of adventure over whiskeys. Aaaaaand, it probably doesn’t help that we’re sweltering through this heat wave either. But. Heatwave or not, jeans + boots aside, and regardless of whiskey, a part of us simply can’t say sayonara to nights skinny dipping in roof top pools, tequila mimosas, or the occasional ice cream cone just yet. We’ve got three more summer Fridays, one more long weekend ahead before we officially have to return to real-life aka real work mode. Until then we’ll just take advantage of the dog days of summer and squeeze August for every ounce of summer fun we can. This playlist is dedicated to these last long days and hot nights out with friends, dancing in the streets, clinking glasses, and feeling like summer truly is eternal.

Listen while sipping rosé on the rock.