Obsessions + Confessions

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OC_BlogPost Obsession: Over the next few weeks, our team collectively has 11 weddings, two family reunions, and seven birthday parties for persons under eight years of age to attend. With all of this hanging out with little dudettes on the horizon, we revisit our obsession with this awesome article on how to talk to little girls by celebrating their minds. Love.

Confession: We find it as difficult to unplug as the next girlgang of lingerie entrepreneuresses (remember when we lasted about 10 seconds on donothingfor2minutes.com?), maybe we should invest in an Offline Chair, a hyper-designed padded chair that keeps wi-fi out so you can/must reeeeeelax. We’ll just have to #latergram our #offlinechair selfies.

Have a relaxing weekend however you unplug, darlings.