Obsessions + Confessions

| Life


Obsession: Time Flies. Here’s why. We are obsessed with this (somewhat disqueiting) breakdown of how time feels as it passes faster as we get older. Yikes. The takeaway? Do what you love now, time will be gone before you know it. Carpe Diem y Carpe Lingerie.

Confession: Though we resolutely will not even begin to officially admit that summer is perhaps, maybe, theoretically, um, actually on its way out, visions of whiskey cocktails, early fall harvest bounties, and the silver lining of all of the gorgeous AW15 lingerie arrivals are making the mental transition a bit easier. That and these crispy frizzled artichokes…just the ticket for summer-freshness meets cozy-nesting-urges.

Have a divine weekend, darlings.