What’s in our beach bag…

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Though we Journelles have little in common with the average boy scout (khaki was never our color) we do stand firm by their motto: “be prepared.” That’s why we always carry an Opinel knife (you never know when you might need to have an impromptu charcuterie picnic), keep a scarf in our bags (chilly in the gallery? windy in the convertible? no problem), and always have bobby and safety pins at the ready. And that’s just in our day-to-day. Obviously, when we’re wanderlusting/maxin + relaxin, the stakes are raised and we want to be prepared for whatever adventures the day may bring. What does a Journelle bring for a day at the beach? Here, a peek inside our beach bags.BeachBag_BlogPost


Sippy cup. Lounging makes you thirsty and this insulated cup makes it easy to bring agua or keep your piña colada on the DL.

This. Why? It’s a serape fanny pack with built in speakers, that’s why. And we’ve got the perfect throwback playlist for you.

Friendship bracelets. Ok, so this isn’t something we’re going to bring but hopefully something we’re going to buy from a dude with a ton of them, hopefully with all of your girls names already on them (though, as always, good luck finding a Chanel, a Susannah, a Juniper, or a Rosemarie). If you’re feeling crafty, make your own.

A travel backgammon set. High stakes on the high seas.

A beach read, obviously. We’re tearing through Heidi Julavits’ “The Folded Clock” right now. It’s part memoir, part burn book, and we’ve been laughing out loud. Need other recs? Here ya go.

The bag itself. This one’s spacious enough for everything a girl could want for a day at the shore, but glam enough if you just must hop on the back of that lifeguard’s scooter and head to the crab shack.

A round towel. Whether you’re a sun worshiper angling for the best rays or you’re just tired of moving your towel around so you can hear what your friends are saying, the round towel is a beach dream.

Zinc sticks. You’ve gotta protect yourself from the sun and you must look cool doing it. This throwback set has a rainbow of colors for whatever you’re feeling.

This hat. Because a) it rolls up into a tiny ball and b) it’s surprisingly chic for how awesome that is.

Now that you’re prepared, get thee to the beach!