Summer Movie Magic

| Life


From the big hulking blockbuster to the indie darling, from the frivolous rom-com to the admittedly-dumb-but-we-love-it-anyways sequel, summertime is ripe for movies. And just like our reading lists get a little, ahem, lighter in summer (see ya “Anna Karenina” hello, um, “The Notebook”), we go a little lighter on ourselves in our summer movie desires. In lieu of “Blackfish“, you get “Free Willy“, instead of “Blue Valentine” you get, ummmm, “The Notebook“. And, harkening back to our first days in New York when we had little money and no air conditioning, our favorite way to watch summer movies? For free, outside, with a bottle of rosé, natch. Here’s where we’re going and what we’re peeping. Get your picnic blankets ready.

June 22: Ghostbusters in Bryant Park

July 8: Clueless in McCarren Park

July 29: Beasts of the Southern Wild in Riverside Park

August 11: Flight of the Navigator in Spanish Harlem

August 18: An American Tail in Staten Island

August 20: Dazed and Confused in Brooklyn Bridge Park


Here’s an awesome full calendar of them all for your viewing pleasure. It’s showtime!