NKT’s Summer Salad

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Without fail, when the temperature spikes our desire to cook—as in actually utilize the postage-stamp-size miniature oven in our tiny kitchens—plummets. It is worth noting that the desire to entertain remains consistent, as unwavering as ever, thanksverymuch, regardless of the rise in mercury…sun’s out; fun’s out is a real thing. Thus the conundrum of how to do both—and do them well—arises. How to host fabulous Holly-Golightly-style epic dinner parties without turning into a literal hot mess in the kitchen? We turned to the proprietress of one of our favorite eateries, Nourish Kitchen + Table in NYC’s West Village—who also happens to be a lingerie lover, obviously—for some (cool) tips on entertaining in this hot weather. And, like ice-cold rosé, snagging your size in that bra, or that first day at the beach, Marissa did not disappoint. We recommend upping your utensil and serving ware game while simultaneously mixing NKT’s divine Spinach Strawberry Salad. So simple, so fresh, and SO delicious—we’re adding this salad to our summer rotation. If you can’t stand the heat, then whip this right up and get the hell out of the kitchen already. This sunset rooftop dinner-party-picnic doesn’t throw itself, now does it?

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