#Lingeriestyle: White T

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The Italians have sprezzatura and the French have their effortlessly tied scarves, Breton stripes, and cigarette pants. For les Americains, we have the white T. Nothing is as simple and pure and iconic as the white t-shirt (except, perhaps, blue jeans, which, of course, pretty much require a white T), from Brando to BeyoncĂ©, nothing is as brashly American as this wardrobe staple. In fact, the standard American conception of the “t-shirt bra” (nude, smooth) wouldn’t exist were it not for the t-shirt. And though the t-shirt bra is a necessary staple, this summer we’re going to take a page from the glamorous Italians and the effortlessly bold French and style our white T’s a little differently. Here, how not-your-average-t-shirt-bras layer under our fave white T’s.WhiteT_BlogPost Stella McCartney Cherie Sneezing

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