Ice Cream Social

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There’s something about summer that brings out the kid in all of us—spending long days outside under the hot sun, finally shaking off our sandals and going feet first into fresh grass or warm sand, and yes, that delectably long lick of sticky ice cream right off the cone. Now, while we may still occasionally long for the nostalgia of Mr. Softee (no judgement + sprinkles), our tastebuds for frozen treats have done a 180 from Good Humor bars to bitter dark chocolates or sorbets. Thankfully, NYC ice cream parlors like the Lower East Side’s Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream are there to satisfy those cravings. Living up to its name, Morgenstern’s offers an abundance of fine flavors (some crazier than others) from durian banana to Vietnamese coffee, crunchy and sweet topping choices, and, of course, a carefully curated menu of Kanye-West-inspired treats and sundaes (because why not). Look out for “I Am a God Ice Cream Croissantwich” and “Bowl Digger” as some tongue-in-cheek sweets. But for those like us who love to stick with the simple scoop or cone, here’s our top five – coming at ya hot, errrrr cold.

IceCream_BlogPost_2Burnt Honey Vanilla
Silky, sweet, and reminiscent of toffee, this is a favorite flavor to mix and match with. It has a treacle sweetness that sticks to the palette but it also compliments the topping fiends in of all of us. Try it with pretzels or sesame honeycomb.

Coffee Crisp
Coffee drinkers can forgo that morning cup and go straight for this dessert. It’s beautifully bitter and the crisp folded inside the scoop feels just as satisfying as dunking biscotti into a black cup of brew.

Salted Pretzel Caramel
This is a definite go-to for salty and sweet lovers. The buttery toffee feel of the caramel pairs perfectly with that crunch of pretzels in the center of the scoop, like sucking on a caramel candy before biting the dissolving piece in half. It should be noted that THIS is what launched Nick Morgenstern’s ice cream disciples.

Bitter Chocolate
Think of this cone as the grown-up version of your childhood favorite. It’s not overtly sweet as our preteen selves might want, but the deep, rich flavor gives us more to savor, proving maturity has its perks.

Green Pistachio Tea
Green to the sight and savory to the palate. The subtle nutty-salty quality developed by these two delicate flavors creates a scoop that isn’t super sweet, but is certainly just as satisfying.

So next time you’re in need of a mouthwatering icy treat, get thee to Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. It’s the perfect parlor to hang in with counter service, stools facing large open windows (the LES always offers up a cast of characters worthy of people watching), and plenty of flavors to keep you coming back—even the very same day.