Travel Lovely: Santorini

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Suggested listening while you read: Theme from Boy on a Dolphin.

Ready for the trip of a lifetime? Or at least the summer? Tuck your delicates into a valise and hop a cab to the airport, we’re going JFK>MXP>ATH…take a taxi through the ancient city and follow your espadrilled toes to the teak boarding stairs of a swanky chartered boat… your final destination is Santorini (also lovelies, the MXP is for Milano!). That’s precisely the trip one of our Journelles is enjoying as we sit in our HQ in New York City. The #lingerielife is pretty fabulous, but not as fabulous as jetting off to the Greek isles, alas. Luckily she left us her itinerary so we can follow along vicariously. Oh to be in dreamy Santorini with its white-washed buildings set against a backdrop of a shimmering sapphire sea with the promise of lazy, hazy days spent lounging (or sailing, we do love a three-hour tour) by the sea, cliff-diving into the briny waters, wandering the ancient streets and aaaaaaaall the Get your camera (and a bottle of delicious Greek wine) ready, this island (routinely) boasts some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever Insta…errrr see. The Grecians believe this caldera—shaped by a volcano in 1681 BC—to be the site of the lost city Atlantis. There’s no doubt Santorini is magical, lost city or not, and here some of our favorite spots if you’re lucky enough to visit.

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Dmitris: You’re going to eat seafood, and lots of it. This waterfront taverna serves up the freshest fish with smile. A bottle of ouzo to share, anyone?

The Cave of Nikolas: If the name doesn’t make you a fan the “magical” cuisine will. The history goes that the cave was built to shelter Nikolas and his boat, and then he and his wife began to serve the fresh fish he caught with local wines to the citizens of the small village. Do not miss the famous moussakka of Margarita.

Hasapiko: After all that lounging (and sailing and diving) you’ll be ready for a strong cocktail. This butcher shop-cum-dive bar is the spot to go. Any and all welcome, and they do mean any and all – This institution is quite possibly the liveliest joint in the town.

Akrotiri: The Greek version of Pompeii. Destroyed by a volcano in the 17th Century B.C., this city-by-the-sea was one of the most significant in the region; now it’s hidden temples and ancient dwellings are preserved beneath volcanic ash.

Hit the beach: We don’t need to give you a reason why, but we can tell you where to go. Head in the opposite direction of the tourist flow—to the beaches of Thirassia, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni—for beautiful stretches of sand and shore far superior to the bustling ones.

Take the 250 steps down to Ammoudi Bay in Oia (or let a donkey do it for you): It’s steep and far from easy, but the stunning view as the reward is worth it.

Ahhh, we can practically feel the Mediterranean breezes, taste the briny octopus and crisp, chilled white wines, and hear the subtle trill of the lyre and drum. While our wanderlust daydream continues, we might make some of those dreams realities with these Santori-inspired underpinnings. A girl can dream…