Behind Closed Drawers: Jamie Meares

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We’d be remiss if we failed to mention our obsession with Furbish Studio. (As well as the rehab-worthy shopping habit that’s a direct result from regular hours spent browsing the site. Pom pom baskets anyone?) Like all good obsessives (good being harmless; more girl crush than boiled bunny), we got to know the heart + soul behind the addictive site, Jamie Meares. Before opening Furbish, Jamie was the brains and beauty behind lifestyle blog I Suwannee (an immediate must-read for the original Domino devotees). I Suwannee gave readers – ahem us – a peek into Jamie’s living room, dressing room, running wish list, fashion wants, and life in general. Furbish gives us the opportunity to take some of her addictive style, unabashedly jam-packed with bold patterns, multiple textures and every color in the box, home. Here, Jamie gives us a slightly more intimate peek into her drawers.


Name: Jamie Meares

Day job: Founder + Creative Director of Furbish Studio, Blogger

Insta: @jamiemeares + @furbishstudio (a must follow for design inspiration)

Necessary extravagance: Fancy hotels with a scene in the lobby, Rag & Bone Newbury boots

Simple indulgence: bubble baths with seventh generation dish soap, McDonald’s sweet tea, (Journelle: We’re inclined to agree.)

What makes your heart race? Two lattes or when a gamble goes wrong.

On your bedside table? Always at least three books to a pile, including one Kelly Cutrone, “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo and something current. A tray to corral the mess.  A bloom from the yard.  Sometimes a cat.  If there’s a cat, there’s a knocked-over water glass.

My drawer is…full.  Don’t you worry about that.

Pinky Swear (what you’d only tell your best friend/the whole internet): I played (a lot) of softball.

Lipgloss or lipstick? Gloss. I don’t understand makeup. Like, what to do with it.

One food you could eat forever: Arugula salad w/ shrimp

What’s your lingerie drawer stocked with? Padded bras.

Matching sets or let creativity take over? Matching sets; one less thing to think about.

On a warm Spring day you’d find me…? Throwing open all the windows, walking my pups, hastily self-tanning.

Most prized possession: My bravery

What items can be found on you at all times? iPhone, a tattly tattoo, my fitbit, a simple diamond bar necklace, an ankle bracelet i bought after i jumped off a waterfall in Costa Rica on my birthday.

What smell do you love? Lavender

Best advice you’ve ever received? Every so often, push your luck.

Can you give us one foolproof decorating tip? Turn your mirrors vertical instead of horizontal.

Always: Show up.

Never: Squat in the front row of photos.