Win the bridal shower

| Lingerie, Love

Is it just us or has wedding season grown…longer? Actually, now that we think about it— spring, summer, autumn, winter seasonal kind of  brides will find a way to enjoy their (wedding) cake and eat it too, whatever the meteorologist might say. Whether by 7-part engraved invitation suite (with illustrated maps and hashtags!), singing hipster telegram, or carrier pigeon, our calendars are quickly filling up with the weddings of our dear ones. Alongside all of the beautiful Save-The-Dates and far-off reservations at fancy B’n’B’s in coastal towns we’ve never heard of, comes the requisite flurry of paperless post invites: brunches, bachelorettes, and, of course showers. And anyone who’s sat within cringing distance of their best friend’s future Mother-in-Law while BFF opens box after box of flammable-sheer leopard print negligees knows there must be a better way. Here’s a foolproof guide that vibes off of the bride’s own wedding style for bridal shower picks that are worthy of being shown to the whole party. Now, pass the champagne.



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