Obsessions + Confessions

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20150424_OC_BlogPostObsession: Last week’s NYT centerfold-worthy “Field Guide to the American Sandwich” made us realize just how much we love sandwiches.  Apparently more than we even knew… out of curiosity/obsession, we counted: from a French-Dip-Off in L.A. to a Show Mein out at Nathan’s on Coney Island, we’ve had 57 out of the 69 sandwiches profiled. “Mother-in-Law?” We’re coming for you.

Confession: We are absolutely fascinated with microbiomes. It’s verging on TMI, but, hey, this is a confession. Bonus: Did you know that scientists believe that the act of kissing started as a way to introduce new microbes into human biomes? Plus, kissing is awesome.

We hope you have a weekend full of sandwiches and kisses, darlings.