Lingerie Zodiac: Aries

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Aries_Blog_1 If ever there was a sign that embodies a fresh start—a spring awakening, if you will—it’s you, energetic Aries. Aries are by nature independent, dynamic and oh-so-quick-witted. Conversation practically starts itself with an Aries. Like the Ram, your pioneering, adventurous spirit leads you to new paths and you dive right in headfirst. You’re first to embrace that new idea (#girlboss), first to sport that new color (#marsala), and first to say what’s on your mind (#sorrynotsorry). You’re a born leader, and know it. Keep in mind the “push or be pushed” party line sometimes associated with you Rams (hint: No one likes an extremist. Instead, all things in moderation….even moderation) and tread lightly.

You’re sitting on the G waiting for the O to break through the gates in 2015. And you will. Get ready to cover new ground (travel is in your forecast), make new connections (spiritual renewal is gonna be a thing) and step into the light. It’s time to tap back into your inner creative spirit (no simple feat after the years you’ve had) and know that your hard work will be rewarded.

Like the Buddhist parable goes, you have to empty out – or let go of – the old to receive the new. Time to say goodbye, Aries, to ego, to some self-centered characteristics, and welcome compromise, diplomacy…and lovely lingerie. To get ready for your big new beginning (and to showcase your position as a natural trendsetter, obviously), we wisely recommend the Underprotection Sienna Bra + Highwaist Hipster (nothing’s gonna stop you), La Perla Sagallo Pajama set (step into the light, Aries, the light.) and NOE Undergarments Maxwell Body (you’re nothing if not way ahead of curve).Aries_Blog_2

This is your year dear Aries. Own it!