Style File: Journelle Elyse

| Lingerie

We take our nightwear very seriously. You might call the chemise situation happening on the back of the closet doors in our apartments a “problem” (or you might call it “an absolutely necessary indulgence for every possible evening occasion”). Whatever you call it, we’ll gladly own up to the fact that we might have a little bit of an addiction to lovely sleepwear. And though there are many, many infinitely gorgeous chemises out there that we know and love (and have and covet), we’ve always said “if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself.” So, we put our heads together and designed the Journelle Elyse Chemise, a body-kissing nightgown that is as gorgeous on the body as it is comfortable to sleep in. It’s practically perfect in every way, just as we designed it to be.