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OC_BlogPostObsession: Our love of books is quite possibly only surpassed by our love of meals (and our love of lingerie, of course)…our dream day: lounging around in a silk dressing gown, devouring a good book alongside brunch in bed. So, obviously, we are obsessed with these photographs of literary meals. We’re immediately transported into the worlds of The Great Gatsby, On The Road, and To Kill a Mockingbird through champagne, apple pie, and fried chicken. What better way to spend a Sunday? Pass the peignoir + Pomerol.

Confession: We’re thinking of snapping up one of these LED Light Up Disco Party Coats for dogs that you control with your phone. We’re also wondering why “Light Up Disco Party Coat” isn’t a thing for people too. No brainer.

Have a brilliant weekend, darlings.