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Almost four years ago a serendipitous chain of events led us to our first partnership with the brand-spanking-new not-for-profit Free The Girls. Our first bra donation drive brought in a few hundred bras and “Spring Cleaning” was born. Cut to four years later and FTG is a bonafide global organization that is making good on their promise of changing the lives of women for the better, giving women the tools and opportunity to be their own agents of change. Together we’ve brought in, literally, thousands of bras to aid in the effort and we couldn’t have done it without you, dear lingerie lovers. In fact, as Free The Girls has grown on the global scale, our commitment to FTG has grown on the local. This year our goal is to collect 5K bras for donation. And we still need your help! PSA: Please donate here or bring your gently-worn bras into one of our NYC stores. You’ll have the benefit of knowing you directly benefitted the lives of women in need, as well as the pleasure of stocking up on new, lovely bras for your own self at 20% off.

With a passionate mission and a record of real-world successes, it is our pleasure to profile the intrepid, boldly compassionate entrepreneuress behind Free the Girls, Kimba Langas (after all, let’s not forget, it is Women’s History Month). An Emmy-winning television producer cum “accidental abolitionist” (her words, and we LOVE them), Kimba just said “yes” to a friend that proposed forming an organization that would empower women who had been victims of human trafficking. The rest is history. Conversations with Kimba usually center around where’s she’s traveling, who’s joining the movement, and the myriad of “next big ideas” she’s tossing around to take Free the Girls to the next level. This time though we got to dig a little deeper and learn a little more about the woman who’s got us cleaning out our lingerie drawers in the spirit of empowering other women. Read along…we dare you to not be inspired.

And…donate! There’s still time.

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