EVERYDAY LOVELY: Jessica Durrant

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Everyday lovely. Two simple words that mean oh-so-much. To us Journelles everyday lovely is more than just an idea, it’s a way of life. A way of life that comes in the form of unabashedly sporting a favorite longline bra + matching knickers on a random Wednesday, of spending languorous Sunday mornings with coffee, croissant and the Style Section, or our commitment to endless afternoon strolls through adopted neighborhoods, treasure-hunting vintage finds and savoring a perfect bubbly + book combination in the company of just ourselves. And then there’s our chic and fearless leader, Claire, who embodies the very notion and spirit of “everyday lovely” from tip to toe. She’s a brilliant photographer who takes her Leica on roadtrips, she can make macarons from scratch, drinks strong tea, and makes a mean Campari cocktail. And, for everyday lovely on an advanced level, she’s even been known to rock super feminine and totally glamorous stay-ups when there’s a few feet of snow on the ground. Talk about a role model.

Talking and thinking about living everyday lovely with our team got us all atwitter about what this idea means to all of the wildly creative, strong, silly, passionate women that we adore. So we decided to ask. Watch this space as we continue to share everyday lovely as told—and written—by the women who define it.

First up: Jessica Durrant, illustrator and globe-trotter.