Behind Closed Drawers: Allison

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We caught our Marketing Director (also known around these parts as AB), fresh off a beauty-product purge (thanks Glossier), and, after that successful refresh, she decided to turn that same energy, effort and eye for editing to her lingerie drawer. That, of course, meant saying goodbye to some well-worn faves…and there’s not a girl in the world that doesn’t know that any breakup (lingerie drawer or otherwise) typically results in a looooong trip down Memory Lane. First love or first lingerie love? For a Journelle, there’s pretty much no difference. BUT before we cue the Ryan Adams on vinyl and pour the glass of rosé (it. will. be. spring.), let’s go over the list of styles our dear marketing maven has vowed never to part with—and why (the G-rated explanation, of course). Nostalgia, we’re coming at ya hot.

Some of these exact beauties may be long gone, but you’ll find some equally-lovely styles here: 1/2/3/4/5.