Keys To Seduction

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KeystoSeduction_BlogPostIf we have to ask “Are you trying to seduce us?” you probably aren’t doing it exactly right. Seduction isn’t rocket science, but there is a method to the (fabulous) madness. Here, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, some unspoken rules that are our tried-and-true keys to seduction.

The trick play: The quickest way to our hearts is through our friends. Love them and we’ll love you….forever.
The story: We’ll never get tired of hearing you tell how we met.
The obvious: The only thing better than treating ourselves is when you treat us.
The not-so-obvious: Earlobe. Collarbone. Small of the Back. Go for the unexpected pleasure.
The long-term goal: Flowers are good, plants are better.
The paradox: The best lingerie gets worn for the least amount of time.
The mantra: Just Say Yes.
The art form: A love letter doesn’t have to be a novel, two lines that show you’re paying attention will do just fine.
The investment: Write us those two lines and hide it somewhere we’ll find it. Hopefully not for a while. When we do? Boom.
The truth: Experiences are always better than things.
The real truth: Things are always better than no things.
The honest truth: Romance shouldn’t require a special occasion. We love valentine’s day, but we love every other day too. See you tomorrow.