Girl Crush: Jessica Durrant

| Everything Else

Sometimes life actually does imitate art, and if you’re lucky, life will imitate the art of illustrator Jessica Durant. Her insanely gorgeous, super-femme watercolors have had us enthralled since our gallerista friend gifted us one her illustrations a few years ago. Now, we find ourselves chatting life, love, lingerie, and spirit animals (of course) with the lovely lady behind the brush and charcoal. Call it a Valentine miracle, or just call it inevitable, but we can’t get enough of this life-as-art. Below, what’s up next for brilliant artist, what’s always in her possession, and a peek at some of her sketches you’ll want to own (or star in). Prepare to fall in love. Bask in even more loveliness via her Insta.

2015_Blog_Jessica_Durrant_Artist_Spotlight _Finnal