Girl Crush: Bella Acton

| Everything Else

When we met Bella Acton many moons ago, we were immediately taken by her infectious laugh, seemingly endless stream of [truly great] stories, and her ability to make anyone in the room feel special. Cut to five years later (wha?) and we’re waving goodbye as she departs freezing N.Y.C. for sunny L.A. If it were anyone else, our wave would be filled with faux-happiness and more than a little envy. Given that it’s Bella—intrepid founder of Never Liked It Anyway, the genius site where you can offload your gifts from an ex—our heartfelt bon chance is sincere in (almost) every since of the word (it’s snowing here and 77 in L.A., there’s just no way around a little bit of winter-in-NYC-angst). Lucky for us, she took a time out from jet-setting across the globe (she’s Aussie, so travel is in her blood), scripting a TV pilot, and launching NLIA’s Bounceback Box to chat about her love of adventure, her signature cocktail and what’s on heavy rotation on her Spotify playlist.