Designer Spotlight: Alix

| Lingerie

We’ve long been obsessed with bodysuits—flashback to our middle school days of sporting them with jeans and a choker-lariat layered combo. Like true love, our obsession with that outfit never died, and (also, like true love) it can sometimes still be found on the L train. Thankfully, we are not alone in our love of the one-piece. In fact, the versatile layer has reached new curve-hugging-heights with the arrival of cool-downtown-girl-in-the-know Alexandra Alvarez and her impossibly-chic-without-even-trying line of bodysuits, Alix. We love them like we love hyphens. So, a lot. Pro tip: Snatch up one now, because every single Journelle has their eye on one. We caught the designer in a lull between Coterie appointments and spent a delightful afternoon dishing on the secret of her success (hint: it comes from within), her chosen spirit animal, and signature fragrance (rose, if you must know). As effortless as her bodysuits, this ladyboss had us at hello. Now, excuse us while we go try and find that choker.