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By the time the snowstorm currently in tomorrow’s forecast reaches New York a few of us Journelles will be en route to Paris. Le sigh. There’s nothing quite like a jaunt to the City of Lights (+ lingerie) to fill our Francophile hearts with champagne-bubbly-joy. Five days of café crème, wandering the winding streets of Paris, viewing next season’s lingerie loveliness, popping into vintage shops, and dining on cheese and baguette are the perfect antidotes to gray, snowy skies and post-holiday blues. Oh, and après Paris comes London. Stay tuned for updates from two favorite cities, and follow along via our Instagram.

And, just as every journey begins with a single step, every high-flying jaunt to Paris begins with packing… specifically: what to carry on?  Allison, our divine marketing maven, shares her in-flight essentials (read: how not to arrive in Paris looking like something le chat dragged in) below.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned traveling to the shows it’s to maintain an in-flight routine: Hydrate, moisturize, read, sleep, DO NOT say “oui” to free champagne. I like to use a long flight for note taking, and this Take Epic Chances notebook is a recorder and a reminder (both are key travel components) to live by the motto. I carry my Canon EOS Digital SLR camera with me always. Scrolling through past photos lets me take stock of what’s been inspiring me recently and also can turn any time spent at the airport into a trip down memory lane. The beauty essentials that make the carry-on-cut are BioDerma Hydrabio Tonique, which I’ll use to remove makeup and hydrate my skin (planning to restock at the Monoprix on this trip), Smith’s Rosebud Salve for hands + face, and my signature fragrance of Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud Cologne (a spritz after a long flight is like a tiny shot of glamour). Also in my Muji cosmetic case are miniature bottles of Le Labo Rose 31 body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. I love French pharmacies but I’d rather devote Euros to lotions and potions rather than hair product; plus the masculine rose fragrance is divine – and French! For the taxi/plane/bedside a classic read—The Beautiful and The Damned—with a chic new look (I plan on channeling Zelda the entire time I’m there). And for that added bit of French je ne sais quoi? An Hermes scarf, bien sûr!

See you in Paris À bientôt!


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