Lingerie Zodiac: Aquarius

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Aquarius_BlogPost_1 January 20 – February 19

Though you might think that the age of Aquarius was ushered in in a flurry of bell-bottoms and tie-dye we’re here to tell you that the dawn of Aquarius is actually happening right now (and, ok, there may be shibori, but the jeans are skinnies). Those whose birthdays fall in this dark, chill time are at this moment experiencing a personal rebirth and awakening akin to the first blooms of spring pushing forth their fresh green shoots towards the sun. You are thriving in the face of hardship. This makes perfect sense for you, Aquarians, with your powerful emotions, your free spirits, and your refusal to mold yourself to societal expectations. Yours is an unruly beauty and your triumphs are all the more sweet for the obstacles you’ve had to overcome (even if those obstacles are, ahem, occasionally self-imposed).

Starting with last week’s new moon, this is truly a regenerative time for you. As with the sleeping blooms, it’s time to turn the challenges of winter’s hardship into an opportunity for growth. Major new beginnings are coming alongside major endings and the friction that comes with change can also bring you unexpected warmth if you let it. Accept it, learn from it, warm yourself with its heat. Don’t bow to petty insults or start keeping score, that’s for the lesser masses, their insecurities aren’t your concern or your responsibility, Aquarius. You make the light, and it’s not your fault if a select few people choose to see only the shadows cast by your brilliance.

Feel that power, Aquarius? That’s your water element. With the new moon in your sign, your tide will be higher than ever. You just have to let yourself be at the mercy of powers greater than yourself, to let yourself go. Now is the time to take advantage of darkness, to focus inward, and allow yourself to be lifted up by your great wave and be the star of your own universe. For your lingerie horoscope we thought you should channel the tidal pull of your shadowy new-moon gorgeousness with starry noirs and oceanic blues.Aquarius_BlogPost_2

Eberjey Estelle Cami and Shorts/Jenny Packham Long Satin Slip/Elle Macpherson Jaipur Rose Contour Bra and Bikini