Blizzard Checklist

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Blizzard_BlogPostAs winter storm Juno is barreling our way (promising Ellen-Page-force-winds and up to three feet of sarcastic wit), New York City is officially freaking out. How do we know? When we hit the streets last night to stock up on winter storm essentials, every bodega and grocery in a ten block radius was out of kale. Seriously. This is getting dire, people. Luckily, we were able to cross off the rest of our blizzard checklist and are actually pretty excited about finally getting a ton of some snow (and, with air travel coming to a total standstill, our Journelles who have been gleefully romping through Paris might just have to stay there, le sigh). Here, for the home bound, our winter-wonderland necessities:


– Candles. This one (obviously) and these beeswax tapers. Because even if the power doesn’t go out (fingers crossed), disaster looks better by candlelight.

– We cruised through Chinatown picking up the ingredients for this amazing + restorative soup (subbing Chinese broccoli for kale due to the aforementioned shortage). Nothing feels nestier than having an aromatic bubbling pot on the stove.

– We’ve “borrowed” our friend’s vimeo login to finally binge watch High Maintenance.

– Fresh Flowers, in this case, paperwhite bulbs. If we’re stuck inside and everything is covered in snow, we love to have a little narcissus on the window sill.

Journelle Hepburn PJ’s (like everything, being snowed-in is best done in style).

– Champagne? Delivered. One of the (secret) best things about living in NYC. And remember: If you order a case of champagne, make sure two of them are cold.

– A classic Flying Saucer Sled. Because: Sledding in Central Park looks like the. most. fun.

We’re hunkering down and watching the beauty (and forced calm) descend on our city. To the Journelles in Paris, we say Bon Chance e Bon Layover! and for all of you who might find yourself blizzarded, we hope you’ll stay cozy, warm, safe, and fabulous.


ps. And if your own blizzard checklist requires a little everyday lovely, our NYC Journelle stores are open. Get it while it’s hot.