Lingerie Zodiac: Capricorn

| Lingerie

December 22- January 20

In the wise words of Destiny’s Child: “I worked hard and sacrificed to get what I get/ Ladies, it ain’t easy bein’ independent.” Capricorns, this song was practically written for you. You’re responsible, patient, resourceful and ambitious; all of the makings for a fierce, independent woman. Your sense of self is strong and you know your capabilities and limits. If a job needs to be done, you’re likely to want to do it yourself to ensure it’s done correctly, but hey- you’re also known for your great sense of time and ability to make wise investments. All of this proves how geared you are toward leadership and how your drive naturally steers you to the the corporate ladder. You’re in the perfect place to climb that ladder, suceed, and be the best.

Like all signs of the zodiac, your pluses also create some minuses. Your naturally strong work ethic can rub people the wrong way at times and make people feel like you don’t value them or their work. Just because you like doing things yourself and know you can do a great job, doesn’t mean you can’t seek out others’ help and opinions. When it comes to people and ideas in your life, we think the more the merrier.

Truth is though, that you’re a great friend. Your strength shines through and you’re always there for a friend in need. You’re a deep thinker, which can be handy when you’re helping solve problems- not a single stone of opportunity or possibility will be left unturned.

Now to the element associated with your sign. Familiar with the phrase “down-to-earth”? That’s you. You’re not interested in wild, out of this world ideas, but the grounded, well thought out ones. Don’t take that to mean you’re not a dreamer, just that you’d rather buckle down and get to work as opposed to chasing something farfetched. For your lingerie horoscope, we thought you’d love some of our tried and true favorites. Classic silhouettes, gorgeous colors and pieces you can rely on 100%- we promise.


Chantelle Merci Demi Bra + Tanga/ Julianne Samantha Slip/ Journelle Garbo PJs