Journelle’s New Year’s Resolutions

| Life


1-    No more sleeping in t-shirts with holes in them. Upgrade to the Laure chemise.

2-    When offered another glass of champagne, accept graciously.

3-    Wear more three-piece suits composed of bras, bottoms + suspenders.

4-    Less 6 AM spin classes, more 7 AM barre classes.

5-    Wear side-tie knickers on Wednesdays – just because.

6-    Stop trying to do it all and download an app for meditation.

7-    Don’t put lingerie in the washing machine. Even if it’s “just this once.”

8-    When you don’t feel like picking up the phone to call, try a handwritten note instead of a text        message.

9-    Trade a handbag for handcuffs.

10-   Never regret good food, good drinks and good company.