Behind Closed Drawers: Emily Johnston

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As we learned quickly with the production of our first holiday catalog, there’s a lot of elements that go into making it– some easier than others. Truth be told though, one of the easiest decisions for us to make, was to work with Emily Johnston for the photography of it. Emily has been a long time friend of Journelle, and we’re not being nonchalant when we say that her work is incredible. We knew that her eye for lighting, color and composition would mean that no detail was spared. You bet we made a good decision. Read on to learn more about Emily, and we highly recommend following her on Instagram.

Name:  Emily Johnston
Born and Raised: Born in California and raised in Paris
When someone asks what you do, you… smile
You’ve lived in a few different cities and have traveled a great deal–where’s your favorite place and why?  I always come back to the South of France.  Something in the air and light there.
Best piece of advice ever given?  Received?  Remember not to take things so seriously.


On your bedside table– any good books/naughty items in drawers? ‘A Field Guide To Getting Lost’ by R. Solnit/ We keep things in drawers for a reason…
Guilty Pleasure:  No guilt policy
To me lingerie is… A quiet layer.
What is your process for beginning a shoot like?  I like to begin by tuning into everything happening around me and respond with the camera. [1]
How do you know when you’re complete with a shoot? When there’s been an exchange and something new has happened between my subject and the lens.


B&W vs Color? Both have a time.
Have any daily rituals?  I make my bed as soon as I get up. Messy bed, messy head…and writing.
Where do you go when you need a dose of inspiration?  To water!
What are some things that inspire you? The photographs of Rinko Kawauchi [5], women who wear whatever they want (Ana Kras [3], Loulou de la Falaise [6]), the personal electronic music of Ramona Lisa [4], and this insane chimera of a winged rabbit –top of my holiday wish list [2]!
Favorite meal in NYC?  Gerardo’s Salads at El Rey