Lingerie Zodiac: Sagittarius

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November 22- December 21

When we think about how the time of the Sagittarius occurs around the time of the holidays, it makes sense. Sagittarians are lucky, warm, positive and have an overall great energy. You archers seem to be filled with good fortune (how many years running have you come away with everything checked off your wish list?) and in possession of a huge heart. Your willingness to lend a hand to those in need is especially charitable and necessary this time of year, and to top it off people love being around you. (Blushing yet? We’ll go on.) Your element is fire, and a great way to envision you demeanor; dynamic, nonchalant and free flowing. Fire is swayed by elements around it, and just like you, can be thought of, as guided by luck or chance.

You seem to have a never-ending flow of imagination and are usually the first person grabbed for a “Big Idea” brainstorming sesh. Sags are known for their independence, honesty and wanderlust. Non-Sags be warned: Never try to cramp or limit a Sagittarius. It won’t end well. Flexibility – or a butterfly net – is key.

That fierce independence can have a downside sometimes, Sags, so be mindful of making commitments you can’t keep. Your dazzling imagination won’t always get you out of a cancelled-drink-jam.

This month is all about you. And with the new moon, it’s time to say goodbye to past baggage, think [positively] through a negative situation, or embrace that relationship that has been pushed aside. Designate some time for solitude during the holiday season, even if it means missing out on a party or two. The key, is to follow your gut and set your intentions. And for your lingerie horoscope, we thought you should channel your fire, your creativity (how many bras have you seen with cap sleeves, right? Go.Huit.) and your ability to feel good in your own Skin.

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